Internetworking Devices

In this blog, we will be talking about different types of networking devices.


  • It is the most intelligent device on the network
  • The main purpose of a router to move packet from one network to another network based on routing table
  • Routers are classified based on their roles
    • Edge router
    • Customer edge router
    • Core router
  • Router uses routing table to forward packets.
  • Routing table can be created using dynamic routing protocols or static routing protocol
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols
    • EIGRP
    • OSPF
    • IGRP
    • RIP
  • Router creates separate collision and broadcast domain
  • Routers are considered as layer 3 device


  • Switch uses mac address to enable communication between devices.
  • Modern switches can forward data at the network layer by using routing functionality
  • Vlans are created on a switch for segmentation
  • Switch can be configured with below functions to improve performance of a network
    • Etherchannel : Provide link redundancy
    • STP : Use for avoiding loop
    • Port Mirroring : For monitoring traffic on particular interface
    • Vlans


  • Firewall acts as barrier between trusted and untrusted network
  • The main purpose of a firewall is to monitors network.
  • It control incoming and outgoing packet.
  • Security polices are created on a firewall which control incoming and outgoing packet
  • VPNs can be configured between firewalls to securely transmit data
  • Next generation firewall include below inspections
    • URL and Web filtering
    • Deeper packet inspection
    • User identity management
    • IPS
  • Below are the network based firewall vendors
    • Fortigate
    • Cisco
    • Palo Alto Networks
    • Checkpoint
    • Sonicfirewall

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