Ping Sweep using nmap

In this blogs we will use nmap to perform basic ping scan to find live host on network.

Namp is the one of most powerful networking tool available in Kali linux. We can use nmap to perform ping sweep to identify live host on our network.
I am using ifconfig to check IP address on my Kali Linux network interface.
In the above diagram, we can see that interface eth0 has IP address with subnet mask of or /24
Below is my network configuration
One Kali Linux installed on Virtual Box
One windows machine
I have got two machine in same network and network id is There is a logical network connection between Kali Linux and Windows machine
I will be using nmap to perform ping sweep to scan live host on the network using -sn operator
-sn operator perform ping scan on target network
Command  :   nmap -sn
In the above diagram, two host is alive ( and and is the IP address of Kali Linux.

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